Frequently Asked Questions

Is the canvas reusable?

Yes, you can reuse the canvas as much as you want. You can easily change the canvas yourself. You can fold it and store for the next time.

Is it possible to instal your system in another house?

Yes that is possible! You can instal it as often as you want.

Is it possible to instal your system on any wall?

Yes, it can be installed on any wall! The wall does not even have to be plastered, painted. It can be used on stone, concrete, wood or plaster.

Does your system help improve the acoustics in a room?

Yes it certainly helps! You also can expand with acoustic filling behind the canvas to improve the acoustics. And then you get a “soft” wall!

Is it possible that the canvas will discolour by sunlight?

No, that is not possible. The canvas is light and water resistant and will therefore not discolor. It even can be washed.

Do you have more information about the materials?

Yes, we do! You can find more information here.

Is possible to get the designs on other materials?

Yes, that’s possible! It can be made on water-repellent scratch-resistant seamless wallpaper (yes, that’s right) or on plexiglass and more. Ask for the possibilities.

is it possible to install the frame yourself?

Yes, you can. Do you need help with the installation or do you simply want to have it done by a professional? REWALL offers, in addition to advice and customization, the installation of your canvas. Or you can download the installation manual here.

What if there is an electrical outlet? Is it still possible?

This is not a problem. We just move the socket slightly forward.

What is the delivery time of the designs?

The standard delivery time is 7 days.

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